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Beta's seem to have all died on me D=

So i did have like two bates but i gave them my fic over three monthes ago and said  they would send it back when they finished but they have been busy and i really wanted to get this posted so id really like it if some one had no life and could help me,

Title: Some Other World (title work in progress)
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Brendon/Spencer
Category: um I’m not sure PWP i guess.. Au?
Warnings: none.

Type of Beta Needed: my Spelling needs work I know I’m bad with that, grammar might need tweaking but it should be okay. Plot is basically done I’d like some feedback on the plot though on what i should change and help fixing the sex scene (also suggestions for the title)

Length: Stand Alone (possible 2nd part) Words: 3,234
Complete?:  Story is finished.
Summary:  Things in Brendon’s world seem to have suddenly change and he doesn’t know why, its not a bad change but he doesn’t know how to take it.

Mod Post!

Just because I've seen comments out there and such:

This comm definitely hasn't died. I can only update if I get requests for betas, and as long as there are people flitting about here still willing to beta, we are in buisiness. :)


x Demi

Beta, please?

Title: La Luna
Rating: PG
Pairing: Ryan/Brendon.
Category: Sweet, confused boys.
Warnings: None~
Type of Beta Needed: Grammar. And possibly dialogue.
Length: 1455 words.
Complete?: Noo. Just started.
Summary: Title comes from the name of the restaurant Ryan Ross works part time at, and will own some day. Ryan thinks his best friend Spencer, and his restaurant is all he needs until he meets Brendon Urie and his dark sunglasses.

If anyone can beta this, I'd be extremely grateful. =]

hola, friendolas.

*shy wave*
I'm in need of a beta. Again. :]

Title: Uh - it's called The Butterfly Garden AU at this point. But I usually save titles for the last minute anyway.
Rating: PG-13 - potty mouths and kisses.
Pairing: Ryan/Brendon, of course.
Category: Angst-fluff. Is that even a qualified category?
Warnings: There's Dad-abuse. And minor character death.
Type of Beta Needed: PLOT. Just - plot & structure & all those related plotty things. I need to know what kinds of scenes I should add and where, what scenes I should cut, what I should emphasize more and how, etc. *flail* Oh, and maybe a dialogue-beta too? To help me find some wit to throw into the conversations?
Length: It's around 2300 words, in its current state.
Complete?: It's fin. At least, the really bad draft is. :]
Summary: Long story short - Ryan and Brendon, both needing an escape from their current situations, turn to a nearby butterfly garden where they find that they connect in more ways than they'd originally thought. Then love and fluffy things like that happen.

I hope someone would be up to helping me out here. Thanks so much in advance. :]

Title: No title so far.
Rating: PG/PG-13. Mostly swearing.
Pairing: Ryan/Brendon
Category: Angst Kind of.
Warnings: none.
Type of Beta Needed: Spelling/Grammar
Length: Stand alone around 700
Complete: completed
Summary: this is written in a screenplay style. Ryan never got to tell Brendon the whole story, and 4 months later he finally finds out.


Title: rot. (working title)
Rating: nc-17
Pairing: jon/ryan (side tom/sean & brendon/spencer)
Category: horror-ish?/drama/action/romance?/angst?
Warnings: gruesome violence, death scenes, strong sexuality including rimming, drug use, and ummm... that's it for now.
Type of Beta Needed: i've never written anything like this before, so i'm looking for a basic all-around beta. grammar, telling me if something sucks lol, possible suggestions for what you would like to see happen next? i already know how i want the end to be, but what happens in between i'm still working on, so suggestions would be awesome! 
Length: i wouldn't necessarily call it a chapter fic, but it's probably going to end up being three or so parts, not including the introduction.
Complete?: nope.
Summary: " ...nothing could have prepared us for this sickness. we have never seen anything like this in the history of our country. although little is known of this new agent, of two things we are sure: this virus is extremely contagious, and it's airborne. due to the dangerous and unknown elements of this disease, the department of health and human services has demanded that families and individuals stay quarantined in their homes. keep windows and doors shut at all times. this is a necessary safety precaution if we want to preserve the sanitary conditions of our country. we're going to have to go off the air now, but i wish you and your family all the best in this time of crisis. you are all in our prayers. good evening, and may god bless the united states of america."
Title: Catastrophic Accidents
Rating: PG13
Pairing: Ryan/Brendon
Category: Uhmm, angst I guess
Warnings: Self harm
Type of Beta Needed: Grammar
Length: Chapter fic, at most three chapters
Complete?: Incomplete
Summary: Ryan is having a bit of trouble keeping his emotions in check

Message me if you can help? :]]

Need Beta, please?

Title: Good Morning Revival
Rating: R, or a hard PG-13? I'm not particulary good with ratings
Pairing: Ryan/Brendon, Jon/Spencer
Category: Fluff, humor/comedy, tiny bit of romance and some sexual hints
Warnings: Um..Fluff?
Type of Beta Needed: Spelling and grammar, would be great if the beta could tell me if the plot is complete shit or not too, though, but I don't demand it.
Length: Standalone/one-shot, 3 394 words
Complete?:  Completed.
Summary:  Brendon, Spencer and Jon discuss whose turn it is to wake Ryan up.

This fic is the first bandom fic I wrote and I think it's about three or four years old, so be prepared for some spelling mistakes. I've read through it myself but English is not my native language.

Beta needed.

Title: My Skin
Pairing: Jon/Brendon, Ryan/Spencer
Summary: Brendon and Ryan are brothers and Brendon has autism. Ryan has a hard time dealing with the fact, that Brendon has autism. What happens when he falls in love with a person with the same disorder?
Disclaimer: Don't own, Don't sue.

I've been looking for a beta for a week and it seems both of my betas are busy with school work.

Mar. 13th, 2009

I need a beta for 2 Fics, im done the first one and the 2nd one will be done by the end of the night

Title: Smile For The Paparazzi
Author: fourlines
Pairing: Ryan Ross + Brendon Urie (Ryden)
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I don’t own these people just the story line every thing is fake. Title belongs to Cobra Starship
Summary: Brendon Urie is paparazzi stuck in a rut; Ryan Ross is the lead singer of Panic At The Disco, and the apple of Brendon’s eye.

 the 2nd one is

Title:Secrets in spanish
Pairing: Ryan/Gabe
Rating: pg?
Disclaimer:I don’t own these people just the story line every thing is fake.
Summary:Panic and Cobra starship are touring together Ryan and Gabe Become close friends.


Panic at the Disco Beta Seek

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