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PATD Beta Seek

Because Writers + Betas = <3

Panic at the Disco Beta Seek
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Matching betas with writers alla tiem. <3

"A beta reader, who may or may not be more personally known to the author, can serve as proofreader of spelling and grammar errors, or as a traditional editor, working on the "flow" of prose. In fiction, the beta might highlight plot holes or problems with continuity, characterisation, or believability; in both fiction and non-fiction, the beta might also assist the author with fact-checking." -Wikipedia


Rules are subject to change at any time, so please keep yourself up to date!

-This comm is for finding betas and finding betas only. If you need anyone else to assist you in the writing process, contact a MOD to see if you can post here.

-Be nice! This is the best fandom out there - we're better than being rude and mean and petty! ;)

-Always put long posts under an lj-cut.

For Betas

If you're looking to advertise your service, here's some info. :)

-Consider your post your Beta Profile. I will keep it on file in the comm's memories for writers to check out, so keep it updated! If you don't want to be listed, let me know.

-Writers who you beta for will be using the comments of your Beta Profile to leave feedback. If you choose to be rude to someone who leaves not-so-desireable feedback, your rudeness will be left up for all to see your bad character. This does not apply if the Writer was rude.

Use the form below to fill out your profile. Any extra information should go below the form. If the extra info is lengthy, put it under an LJ cut. Always make sure to add whether or not you are currently available for betaing!

Favorite Fic: Do you like fluff, PWP, Joncer? Keep it short and sweet.
Pairings You Won't Do: Maybe there's one pairing you just won't read.
Categories You Won't Do: Maybe you've got a thing against AUs.
Turn Around Time: How long it should take you to get the fic beta'd and back to the author.
Preferred Contact Method: LJ message? E-mail? IM?
Squicks: These are those things that make you crige when you read. Or vomit, whatever floats your boat. If you don't like it, list it here!
Time Available: Maybe you're only online on Fridays, or at specific hours. If listing hours, please include a timezone!
Specialties: Maybe you always find every spelling mistake, or maybe you're great with plots.

Feel free to list any other info you may need. :)

For Writers

If you need a beta, use the following form.

***Remember that you do not have to choose the first beta that responds. Remember also that betas are doing you a favor; they have lives, too! If they decline to beta your story, don't push the issue. Politeness is key.***

-Always remember to work out a method of communication with your new beta!

-Please remember to leave feedback on your beta's Beta Profile after tthe job is done, provided they have one. Be honest; other people will be using your review for assistance in choosing a beta. If you need to leave less-than-desireable feedback, please be polite about it. :)

Title: If you lack one, say so, or give it a working title.
Rating: G? PG? NC-17?
Pairing: Please be specific - Ryan/Brendon, not Ryden!
Category: This is rather broad. PWP? Fluff? Humor? Angst? Sexpollen?
Warnings: People have squicks! Drug abuse/drugs? Alcohol use? Graphic violence? Abuse? Kinks?
Type of Beta Needed: Spelling/Grammar? Plot?
Length: Stand alone? Drabble? Chaptered fic? Provide word count if possible.
Complete?: Is your fic already completed, or do you need help along the ride?
Summary: Keep it short, please!

Any other info you'd like to provide should go under an lj-cut.


Feel free to contact with questions!

the_demiurges - Pretends to know what being a writer is like.
Email: artisticcrescendo@sbcglobal.net
Yahoo! IM: same as e-mail
AIM: BookWithoutAnEnd

dumpweeds - Is epic!

Promo Banners

Right click the picture and select "properties". Use the URL provided there to post the banners wherever you please--just remember to leave a link to patdbetaseek!

More banners by bilvysforyou here!